The Wild Ride of a Hollywood Bookdealer

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Hollywood – Tinseltown – the Dream Factory. Not the first place you’d think to look for rare books, but then there are people of all stripes, sophisticated actors, directors, dynasties of new & old money (or not much money at all) who collect books. So it is not inconceivable that you might unearth a set of Johnson’s Dictionary with a rude inscription in Latin by the author, or make a fabulous score in Mexico but leave so fast and so drunk you drop a vellum-bound set of Aquinas out of the tailgate. Arnold Herr worked in the Hollywood book trade all his life and his hilarious misadventures became the stuff of legend when posted on Now, expanded into a book, with accompanying illustrations by the author, they reveal the chronicles of the passengers in one of the wildest rides since Thompson & Steadman (or perhaps Mr Toad), took to the highway.


  • Author: Arnold Herr
  • Illustrator: Arnold Herr
  • Cover photo: Shelly Vogel
  • Pages: 136
  • Trade paperback: OUT OF PRINT

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