Celebrating Lucia Berlin

Safe and SoundGood writers will eventually be discovered and just as in the time of Blake, Coleridge and Wordsworth, the small presses are where these writers start out. The literary world has found Lucia Berlin, a decade after her death. Time magazine, the New York Times review, a fine piece by Lydia Davis in the New Yorker, write-ups in Publisher’s Weekly, Newsday, New Republic, and many others, are celebrating her work. Poltroon Press published two books by her: Legacy in 1983 and Safe & Sound in 1989. The publication of Manual for Cleaning Women last fall (as well as translated editions in Europe) has spurred her to international prominence. She made every “best books of the year” list we saw. There are a dozen stories in Safe & Sound, and seven of them including the novella Andado (subtitled “A Gothic Romance”), are not included in the new collection. It is still in print at $20, so you don’t have to pay the hundreds of $$ some clowns are asking on Amazon. She only wrote 75 stories, so don’t rush through them.

SAFE & SOUND, vi + 98 pp, paperback, illustrated by Frances Butler. $20. FREE SHIPPING in USA. Paypal, cash or check accepted. (Paypal address is snaporaz[at-sign]ymail[dot]com)


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