Poltroon Modern Poets vol 8.

Only once in a while do we find something this good unexpectedly. In fact after 12 years of getting unsolicited poetry manuscripts and returning them with rolling eyes, I was at the post office when this package arrived. As usual I was only a few steps from the mail slot to post it back to the sender, but read the first page, titled “Red Birds Carrying Rain”:

Thinking he had God by the toe when (as after he thought) he had the devil by the fist.

Oh, she said, we got a haircut. Are we preparing for summer?

I see in the heavens marvelous motions, and in the rest of the world strange mutations and therefore desire much to know what the world is, and also how all these strange sights do come.

That’s what I do he said, I expose frauds. I show people I can see where the act ends and the jerk begins.

The dried fruit he would not touch because each piece resembled an ear, an ear from someone he knew casually.

… This was Robert Gregory’s first book, and he went on to publish several award-winning titles, including Boy Picked up by the Wind, You won’t need That, and the Beautiful City of Weeds.

  • Author: Robert Gregory
  • Year: 1987
  • Pages: 56
  • Typeset: Baskerville with Bulmer italic display
  • ISBN: 0-918395-06-2
  • Paperback: $20


Poetry by Robert Gregory.
$5.00 (shipping)
Total: $25.00