A Bibliography of Auerhahn Press

auerCovAn account of the important Beat-era publisher, with details of their books as well as those of their successor Dave Haselwood Books, with many items reproduced in facsimile. Auerhahn published books by Philip Lamantia, Michael McClure, John Wieners, Lew Welch, Phil Whalen, David Meltzer, Diane di Prima and William Burroughs. Over 40 books are described. The cover is based on an Auerhahn device by Philip Van Aver, and was silkscreened onto 100% cotton at Goodstuffs Handprinted Fabric, Emeryville.



  • Author: Alastair Johnston
  • Year: 1975
  • Pages: 92
  • Typeset: Monotype Janson with Linotype Janson
  • Cloth over boards: $75

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