Job Printing

Poltroon Press lends its considerable talents as designers and printers to other publishers. In 1976 we printed the catalogue for the exhibit THE TOOL AS OBJECT at the Craft & Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles.

POETRY FOR THE BODY: CLOTHING FOR THE SPIRIT was the catalogue for a show of wearable art at the Richmond Art Center in 1983 (in which Butler’s work was also shown).

We have produced books for the Friends of the French Library in Boston, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, Lancaster-Miller publishers in Berkeley, Peter Howard’s Serendipity Books, and novelist William T. Vollmann.

In 1991 Johnston created a facsimile of the nine volumes of Wallace Berman’s SEMINA magazine for L. A. Louver Gallery.

In 1995 a retrospective exhibition of our work was held at the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library and a catalogue produced on the occasion.

In 2004 Poltroon Press printed a book by Dutch designer Willem Sandberg for Star Thistle Press, Sacramento.

We will be happy to give you an estimate for printing anything from business cards, to letterheads and envelopes, wedding announcements, brochures, bookplates, bookmarks, gift certificates, to books and catalogues.

Here are some examples of our job work:

Wedding Invitations

If you are planning a wedding please e-mail us if you would like elegant, hand-made invitations. The full kit includes an invitation and printed envelope, as well as a reply card and envelope (or RSVP postcard). We have a lot of types to choose from, unlimited colour choices, many paper suggestions, stock images, or we can make cuts from your artwork, and we have other ideas. We have also printed wedding announcements for people who like to get married on the spur of the moment and have a party afterwards. We can even recommend a good deejay!

Below are some examples of wedding invitations we’ve printed:

The top one is formal, yet playful, as befits a wedding at the Explorer’s Club in New York.

The second was for a couple who got married in Mexico and then had a party in Berkeley. They wanted a festive look, so the bright cards have Mexican lottery stickers on them.

The third example is another informal announcement, with a Thomas Bewick wood engraving from our large collection of his work.

The fourth card used the wording suggested by Miss Manners for announcing a wedding.

The next two images are of invitation covers (which don’t have to be plain white): they have engravings of flowers which can be hand-coloured if desired.

The last image is another formal invitation.