Horror Vacuui

horrorSPPoetry, published by Jungle Garden Press; Coptically sewn; AIGA 50 Books of the Year.

Marie Dern, of Jungle Garden, was my student at Mills College and asked me for a poetry manuscript to try out her newly acquired Bell Monotype. So I dug through my old poetry notebooks and put this collection together. Typically it bombed and she gave me the bulk of the edition rather than keep moving boxes of them around her studio. It’s a shame because it’s a lovely block of paper elegantly sewn into hand-painted “faux marbre” covers, with a frontispiece in color by her husband the sculptor Carl Dern. It’s also really amazing that it was selected for the American Institute of Graphic Arts’ “50 Books of the Year” show, which goes to prove that the judges do base their decisions on the cover and not the content.

  • Author: Alastair Johnston
  • Year: 1986
  • Paperback: $50

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