… (Ellipsis)

Essays on small presses & poets, written between 1979 and 2008. Includes Johnston’s memoir of Lucia Berlin “Lady Linotype Operator” from the Chicago Review; reviews of Bob Grenier, Darrell Gray, Joanne Kyger and Basil Bunting from Poetry Flash; articles about H. N. Werkman, W. A. Dwiggins and Morris Cox of Gogmagog, Wallace Berman, Walter Hamady and Asa Benveniste — all writers and artist important in developing Johnston’s vision of the book; Ellipsis also contains a memoir of Philip Whalen and several articles on artist’s books, experimental literature and typography.


“Johnston can write from first-hand experience, and with a clarity and candour that is unusual”
— Robin Kinross

“I’ve spent years tracking down Johnston’s essays, photocopying them from magazines, stapling, stacking and unstacking. Now here they are. Ellipsis collects essays written over the past three decades from a variety of ephemeral publications on subjects dear to the heart and concerns of Johnston.”
— Kyle Schlesinger

  • Author: Alastair Johnston
  • Year: 2007
  • Paperback: $20

… (Ellipsis)

Essays on small presses & poets by Alastair Johnston.
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