A Bibliography of the White Rabbit Press

WRPtpMy second literary bibliography concerned the White Rabbit Press, establish in 1957 by Joe Dunn, at the suggestion of Jack Spicer. Dunn produced 10 titles by mimeo, inckuding works by Levertov, Duncan, Brautigan, Olson and Helen Adam, with covers by Jess. In 1962 the imprint was revived by Graham Mackintosh, again at Spicer’s urging, and he went on to become one of the best-known printers in California. He produced 53 more White Rabbit titles through 1981 (and one or two more after the publication of my bibliography), and showed great ingenuity in his approach to the structure and form of each project. The bibliography documents broadsides and ephemera and tells the story of Buzz Gallery and the Natoma Tap-dance Society with which Mackintosh was intimately involved.


Mackintosh on press, photo © by Ann Charters

  • Author: Alastair Johnston
  • Year: 1985
  • Pages: 94
  • Copies: 500
  • Typeset: Sabon Antiqua
  • Illustrations: black and white
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A Bibliography of the White Rabbit Press

Bibliography of the White Rabbit Press.
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