Como Estou Dirigindo?

Artist’s book, bound in rubber. 12 copies.

In January 2001 I took a road trip through Brazil, from Salvador da Bahia to Rio de Janeiro (& back). Apart from the scenery of Minas Gerais and other states we passed through, I noted the slogans on the backs of market trucks (that we were often stuck behind on the treacherous, ill-paved roads): religious, humorous or obscure homilies about life from the trucker’s viewpoint. I began compiling these and on my return to Berkeley in May 2001 I made a book using nineteenth-century display types to approximate the weird letterforms favored by the truckers. I also made linoblocks of the pin-striping designs that also adorned the trucks for the background. The work includes an English translation and notes.

  • Author: Alastair Johnston
  • Illustrator: Alastair Johnston
  • Size: 11 x 25.5 cm
  • Binding: Single hole with a leather lace attached to the hand-painted cover which is made from a truck mudflap and cardboard.
  • Pages: 15, printed on one side
  • Edition: 12 copies
  • Year: 2001
  • $300

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